Goog Tech

Developer, hacker, blogger, guitarist, marathoner and vlogger.

A junior majoring in computer science and located in china. email :

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Web & App Developer
  • Ubuntu, Kali, Raspi, Docker
  • Java, Python, Golang, C++, Shell
  • HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, BootStrap, Vue
  • MySQL, SQLServer, SQlite, MangoDB, Radis
  • VSCode, Intellij idea, GitBash, Typora, Goole Chrome

Personal Projects

LeetCode Book

The learning note about data structures, algorithms, and leetcode problems, which are based on java、python、golang, and c++.

Desgin Pattern Note

The learning note about twenty-three design pattern, that's implemented in java and demo them by the straightaway example and class-diagram.

CS Core Courses

The Learning note about data structure & algorithm, operating-system, computer-network, computer-compose-principle, and fundamentals-of-compiling.


A simple personal blog system for beginners who wants to integrate the sprintboot with the vue framework.

voice Assistant

It's a simple voice assistant based on raspi, snowboy, and baidu api. such as informing the weather, news or play the music you required, etc.


It's a mini todo list which is based on vue, gin framework, and sqlite3 database. no complicated configurations and run it by one command !


It's a simple student management system based on ssm framework, its code annotation is very detailed so that is strongly recommended to ssm beginners.


A named NoPhone Application that motivates you to save time on the mobile phone so spent more time enjoying a better life with your family members.





  • CET6
  • PTE



Happy New Year 2021, It's my first guitar video which was shot on 1 January 2021, This song is my favorite, so that's why I began to learn guitar.


Happy New Year 2022, It's my fitness summary in the past year which was shot on 1 January 2022, and I had run 1169 kilometers in this past year.


It's a series of tech videos about how to resolve LeetCode problems which were shot firstly on 25 July 2020, Because I'm learning to drive at that time, so had a lot of spare time


My first attack code was written on Nov 25, 2019, and it's just a simple ARP and DNS Spoofing, since then I try to learn penetration testing in Kali Linux, and reproduce CVE with Metasploit.


It's my blog page which was screenshotted on 3 January 2022, In addition, I have a learning note site and a LeetCode note site, They are mainly used to share my daily life, experiences, and study notes.

Interest Tags

Open Source Development Learning New Stuff Hacking Blogging

Exercising At Night Watching Tech Video Play Guitar Sharing With Others

Traveling Alone Eating Cream Cake Making Plan & Summary Enjoying Marathon



Postgraduate Examination

Strengthened English skills, and learned four CS core courses, but no code. In summary, I got more theoretical knowledge than any past years, Moreover, There's been a big increase in my total fitness time, and break the best score of Half Marathon in the past year, the new record: one hour with forty minutes.


A Vital Exam & Fitness

Unfortunately, This exam didn't turn out the result I wanted, but that motivated me to change, such as I begin to fitness every day and pay attention to the daily rest and learn how to play guitar. Moreover, I learned to drive, touch Vue, Docker, CTF, Golang, Raspberry Pi, and created LeetCode Gitbook site, etc.


Devote myself to Github

There have been 776 contributions to Github this year, so learned more skills, such as Ubuntu, Java Swing, Games with C, NCRE, Hexo Blog, JSP, Servlet, MySQL, Spring, SpringMVC, Mybatis, SpringBoot, Shiro, JDK, Crawler, Design Pattern, Join some open source organizations, and Penetration Testing with Kali Linux.


Learn To Code & Joined GitHub

Thanks a lot for Anduin's suggestions, let me know how to be a software enginner and what's Github, that's so vital to my learning coding and skills. So what I learned this year ? the answer was learned HTML, CSS, C, Java, a little bit knowledage about Data Structures and Algorithms, and coded my first project in Java Swing, which is a desktop app named student information management system.

14 - 16

Suspension of Schooling for Travel

Why did I drop out? There had been many reasons for it, but I just mention one here, the primary reason is I didn't know what's the meaning of studying hard, and I want to see the world out of school so that experience new stuff. then I went to Zhejiang and Guangdong province alone, during this time, I had to travel while working or finding a new job, because I didn't have enough money. Now it seems that these memorable and difficult experiences are very vital to my personal growth, such as I have been given up games thoroughly, understood why we study hard at school, and realized the value of time.

10 - 13

Addicted To Games Badly

Spent all the time playing games and no social communication, Just want to play computer games day and night, so that I often quarrel with my parents and my school record was bad. f*** @Tencent Games