✍ Study

The Subject Of Data Structures And Algorithms - 408

Happy Summer Holiday! I had arrived home on the 4th and started to review this subject after two days formally. Unfortunately, it’s regret that I didn’t have enough time to revise all the knowledge in the month-end, there has some reason as shown below for it :

  1. Realize some algorithms about the graph with code, such as BFS, DFS, Prim, Kruskal, Dijkstra, Floyd, and TopologicalSorting Algorithm

  2. Realize some algorithms about the sort with code, such as StraightInsertionSort, BinaryInsertionSort, ShellSort, BubbleSort, QuickSort, SimpleSectionSort, HeapSort, MergeSort, and RadixSort Algorithm

  3. Realize some algorithms about the tree with code, such as PreorderTraversal, InorderTraversal, PostorderTraversal, and LevelOrderTraversal Algorithm

  4. Draw the knowledge mindmap

But the final learn quality isn’t satisfactory to me because I wouldn’t like to finish the practice question after learning the new knowledge and blindly pursue the learning speed.

The Subject Of Operating System - 408

Just learns one chapter.

Two Thousand English Words

This task only finished half, So what’s the reason for it. Yes, you guess right, that’s procrastination.

💪 Work out

The total time of working out is 603 minutes, consumed 4968 calories. The primary data of working out is as shown below :

  1. the sum of running distance is 19.41 kilometers
  2. there had twenty-five days which the exercise time was less than 30 min

So terrible what I did this month, and this data is the lowest than the previous six months. The main reason is that I need time to adapt to the new environment, moreover hadn’t taken enough time to sleep.

😴 Rest

The rest plan is to wake up at 5:30 am and go to sleep at 22:30 in the nighttime, but concrete daily data didn’t record due to the procrastination. In this month, I often watch some short videos on my mobile phone all night so that the learning status is bad all daytime. That seems like a loop cycle and became a habit finally. That’s why the learning efficiency is so low in daily life.

💲 Consumption

The excess consumption is 219¥ and other data is private.

💬 Comment

  1. Not pursue the learning speed but more effectiveness
  2. Make the best of the daytime and keep early hours
  3. Get out procrastination

😔 By the way, there had a few days I feel anxious all day because my resume fell on deaf ears.